Representative deceased. Donald Payne Jr. wins New Jersey primary

Washington — Rep. Donald Payne Jr. won the Democratic primary in New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District on Tuesday, more than a month later He died following a heart attack.

Payne was running unopposed in the district and his death came after the deadline for other candidates to enter the primary ballot.

The congressman was hospitalized April 6 after having “a physical accident” at his home that led to his hospitalization, his office said. During treatment, he experienced “medical complications due to diabetes and high blood pressure that led to subsequent cardiorespiratory arrest.” He died at the age of 65.

Governor. Phil Murphy called a special primary election for July 16 and a special general election for September. 18 to fill Payne’s seat for the remainder of his term. A dozen candidates – 11 Democrats and one Republican – ran in the special primary election to succeed Payne.

Payne will also need to be replaced on the November ballot for the term beginning in January 2025. Democratic county chairs in his district can call a convention to choose a candidate, according to the New Jersey Globe. They have until August. 29 to appoint a replacement.

Payne was first elected to the House in 2012, succeeding his late father, Rep. Donald Payne Sr., who died of colon cancer.

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