Heat wave hits Michigan; Here are 3 things to know

What temperature will it be? How long will it last? How does this compare to other heatwaves? We’ll take a look.

First, you should know that there is a slight chance that the temperature will reach 100 degrees next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. A temperature reaching the century mark is very difficult to achieve in Michigan. The last time a Michigan city reached 100 degrees was in 2012.

I would look for several days in a row between 95 degrees and 97 degrees. Even though the data says Monday is the warmest day, I would say Wednesday or Thursday will be the warmest days. Here is the National Weather Service’s high temperature forecast for each day Monday through Thursday. This man-made forecast gradually decreases by one degree each day as we get to Wednesday and Thursday. Other model data shows these weekend days will be as warm as Monday.

High temperature forecast from Monday June 17 to Thursday June 20

I’m a little skeptical with Monday being the warmest due to a group of thunderstorms Sunday night. If we have clouds, that would keep temperatures within a few degrees. That said, most data says there are no clouds and 96 degrees or 97 degrees is a popular number everywhere from Grand Rapids to Saginaw and south.

The hottest temperature next week is expected to be around 98 degrees.

Is it a heatwave? There isn’t really an exact definition of a heat wave since “hot” and the duration of “hot” temperatures vary across the United States. But for Michigan, I would call it a heat wave when we’re talking 95 degrees or higher for four to four hours. six days. We should have at least four 95 degree days in the southern half of Michigan. Monday to Thursday will be those hot days. Some reports show 95 degrees will continue Friday and into the weekend. Other data shows a storm system and a group of thunderstorms Saturday or Sunday. I would say this group of storms is the most likely and would end the 95 degree day period.

Early the following week, around June 24 or 25, stronger storms could be possible, which would certainly drop temperatures past the 90s for a few days.

Best to expect afternoons in the 90s Monday through Friday next week.

Is this a historically long heatwave? It could be pretty close. For southern Michigan, a stretch of five consecutive days of 95 degrees would be the fourth longest multi-day warm spell. We would have to go back to 2012 to experience a period as hot as the one to come. Some cities would have to go back to the extremely hot summer of 1988 to have five consecutive days of 95 degrees or higher. Detroit is one of those cities.

So that’s a heat wave coming, using what Michiganders consider hot. It’s also about to become a heatwave to remember. Where these next warm days fall next week will depend on whether 95-degree temperatures continue Friday and into next weekend.

If you don’t like that kind of heat, it’s a good thing you live in Michigan. This would be an ordinary hot stretch anywhere from Kentucky south.

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