Texas man accused of threatening FBI agent involved in Hunter Biden case

Federal officials charged and arrested a man who threatened an FBI agent involved in the Hunter Biden investigation, with the suspect texting the agent and asking if his family was safe, according to a federal complaint filed Thursday .

The complaint says Timothy Muller, a 43-year-old Texas man, left threatening text messages and a voicemail on the agent’s government phone hours after a Delaware jury returned a guilty verdict against the son of the president for three federal weapons. charges.

Muller, according to the federal document, threatened to kidnap and kill the agent, claiming the agent had hidden child pornography on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“You can run, but you can’t.” [expletive] hide,” Muller reportedly said.

Biden Hunter’s laptop was the subject of intense debate during the 2020 presidential campaign. He reportedly dropped off the MacBook Pro at a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Del., in April 2019 and would never have gotten it back. The store owner eventually contacted Republican partners and politicians to review the hundreds of thousands of emails and messages contained in the laptop, with Republicans using them as evidence of Hunter Biden’s bad behavior that involved his father in scandal. Democrats dismissed it as likely misinformation, perhaps pushed by Russian operatives acting as part of a well-documented effort to undermine Joe Biden.

Biden Hunter has not been charged with any sex-related crimes.

In addition to his gun possession conviction, he faces federal tax charges. This case is expected to go to trial in September.

A spokesperson for special counsel David Weiss, who is leading the investigation into Hunter Biden, declined to comment.

In the trial that ended this week, the jury found that Hunter Biden lied about his drug use when he filled out a federal form to buy a gun in 2018 — and then illegally possessed that gun for 11 days.

Six-day trial exposed Biden’s sometimes sordid struggles with crack and alcohol – and the failed relationships that followed.

Federal investigators used some messages obtained from the laptop’s hard drive to corroborate his struggles with addiction.

The complaint filed Thursday says the Baltimore-based FBI agent who was threatened has already been named in public reports.

According to investigators, the suspect said in another text message that the agent was trying to steal the election in favor of Biden.

“Have you.” [expletive]Do you really think you were going to disenfranchise 75 million Americans without dying? Lol.”

The complaint said Muller violated laws relating to interstate communication, influence and retaliation against a federal official.

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