Delegates oppose Lt. Mike Braun. governor’s choice, nominate Micah Beckwith

Contrary to tradition, Indiana’s Republican delegates rejected the U.S. senator’s bill. The choice of Mike Braun as lieutenant governor, instead nominating Noblesville pastor Micah Beckwith, whose unconventional campaign aimed to give delegates a choice.

The race for lieutenant governor was the main event of Saturday’s Republican convention, a biennial gathering of party officials and more than 1,800 elected delegates from across the state. Delegates had a choice between Beckwith and the state representative. Julie McGuire, who was the candidate supported by Braun.

“I am humbled, overwhelmed and encouraged that Indiana knows that the power of government lies with the people,” Beckwith said before leaving the stage to sing “God Bless the United States.”

Beckwith won the vote 891-828.

Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Micah Beckwith is congratulated by the senator.  Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Braun on Saturday, June 15, 2024, during the 2024 Indiana GOP State Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Taking the stage with his new running mate, Braun reiterated his support for the competition and said Beckwith had done “a heck of a job.”

“And Micah,” Braun said, looking at Beckwith, “even though I chose someone else to be my partner, you and I know each other. Whatever you believe in, I have. I’m a guy who knows how to get from here to there, I’m going to handle this well, even if it doesn’t go the way you want it to go and we’ll take Indiana to that next level because all you care about and who you are. disappointed recently, will change.

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