Biden campaign raises $30 million for star-studded Los Angeles fundraiser

The Biden campaign and its allies raised more than $30 million in a star-studded fundraiser, breaking the record for the Democratic Party’s largest fundraising event, the campaign announced.

President Joe Biden appeared at the Los Angeles fundraiser alongside former President Barack Obama, actors George Clooney and Julia Roberts and comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

“This Saturday, we will see record and unprecedented turnout across the media and entertainment world,” campaign co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg said in a statement. “The enthusiasm and commitment for Biden/Harris could not be stronger. We all understand that this is the most important election of our lifetimes.

President Joe Biden speaks on stage during a campaign fundraiser at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday.Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

A campaign official said the fundraising money “will be used to open offices, hire organizers and launch paid media campaigns to communicate directly” with voters.

The Biden campaign announced Saturday that the event raised $28 million, which they said broke fundraising records for the party. Funds continued to flow in, bringing the final collection to more than $30 million, a campaign official said Sunday.

NBC News contacted the Democratic National Committee to ask if the event broke any fundraising records. NBC News cannot independently verify this claim because fundraising numbers are not immediately reflected in Federal Election Commission data.

The numbers reported at Saturday’s fundraiser dwarf the total reportedly raised at the New York fundraiser in March, which was also attended by a large number of celebrities. That fundraiser brought in $26 million, according to the Biden campaign, which said it was the largest Democratic fundraiser to date.

Like the New York fundraiser, the Los Angeles fundraiser featured a comedian-led conversation between the presidents. Jimmy Kimmel moderated a conversation between Biden and Obama. At the March fundraiser, Stephen Colbert hosted a conversation with Biden, Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

Saturday’s conversation with Kimmel, Biden and Obama touched on a host of political issues — and, unsurprisingly, former President Donald Trump.

“We’ve made so much progress. He wants to get rid of all this,” Biden said, referring to Trump.

“I think part of what’s happened over the last few years is we’ve normalized behavior that was previously disqualifying,” Obama said, pointing to Trump’s conviction and other legal issues.

Biden said the candidate who wins the presidency in November will likely appoint two Supreme Court justices during his term, then suggesting that Trump would “appoint two more flags flying upside down,” referring to the controversy surrounding the judge Samuel Alito.

He went on to note that the Supreme Court has “never been more lopsided than it is today.”

Kimmel also praised the Affordable Care Act during the conversation, pointing out his son’s heart condition, which he has previously spoken about. Biden stressed that if Republicans dismantled the ACA, they would “tremendously harm the nation.”

“I’m very proud of what the Biden administration has accomplished,” Obama said during the conversation. “And it reminds us that we shouldn’t just vote against something in this election.”

Saturday’s fundraiser also included performances and a lineup of celebrities, including Jack Black, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jason Bateman and Kathryn Hahn. Barbra Streisand introduced first lady Jill Biden, praising her work on education and women’s health.

The first lady emphasized that the election was about character. She said voters have a choice between Biden and “someone who wakes up every morning worrying about only one person: himself.”

The Biden campaign ended in April, the month for which the most recent FEC report is available, with more than $84 million on hand, dominating in the cash race compared to the campaign’s more than $49 million Trump during the same period.

The Trump campaign said it and its allies raised more than $34 million after his conviction last month. NBC News cannot independently verify this claim because May FEC filings are not yet available.

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