Donald Trump wins support from black voters in Detroit, tired of immigrants

Former President Donald Trump received strong support during a campaign stop Saturday in immigrant-weary Detroit — where he also coined the “king of the super predators” nickname for Joe Biden.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee wowed the mostly black crowd by speaking about issues surrounding the migrant crisis during a policy and advocacy roundtable at 180 Church in downtown Detroit.

“They’re coming for your job. And it’s terrible. … The black community is the most affected by illegal aliens. They’re coming into your communities and taking your jobs,” Trump told the crowd, earning a round of applause.

Donald Trump appealed to black voters in Detroit on Saturday, saying migrants were stealing their jobs. P.A.

Although not officially a sanctuary city, Detroit has been overwhelmed by a flow of migrants similar to that of Chicago and New York.

At that event, Trump launched his “Black Americans for Trump” coalition to compete with a similar group that the Biden-Harris campaign has sunk millions into, which Trump presented as an attempt to win over a bloc of voters that Biden had historically wronged.

Trump claimed that President Biden would pose a threat to Black Americans, citing his role in crafting the 1994 crime bill that increased policing and imprisonment.

“He’s now going around talking about the black vote — he’s the ‘king of the super predators,’” Trump said.

Trump coined a new nickname for President Joe Biden: “King of the Super Predators.” Joe Durbin

“He wrote the 1994 crime bill that you all talk about so much, I guess everyone here knows that, especially if you’re black.”

The Detroit crowd warmly welcomed Trump, especially when the ex-president promised to end the migrant crisis.

Immigration is a top issue for American voters, along with a struggling economy and public safety, according to the Pew Research Center.

Trump reiterated his commitment to securing the border later Saturday, while addressing the Turning Point Action “People’s Convention,” telling the crowds that he would be a president who “Radical Islamist terrorists are running out of our country and getting them out quickly. »

“They are pouring in at levels that no one has ever seen before, and we are going to pay a high price,” he said.

“On the day of my new administration, we will launch the largest deportation operation in American history. We have no other choice. “It’s not sustainable.” he added, Sending the crowd into a fury of applause and chants of “USA”.

Trump claimed migrants were stealing jobs from Black Americans. REUTERS

“Black people are not offered free houses, clothes or medicine,” Michaelah Montgomery of Atlanta, Georgia, told the Post. “These are things they get for committing a crime with impunity. Not us, that’s for sure.

Bishop Léon Benjamin, in attendance, agreed: “The black community is about unity. Issues like this create divisions in this community.

Republican Rep. John James, the only black member of Congress representing Michigan, introduced Trump by telling the crowd: “The way we make America great again is to make the black middle class strong again.”

Members of the public line up behind a “Black Americans for Trump” sign. REUTERS

“The way to move forward is to stop losing elections. “The way to stop losing elections is to get both parties to listen,” he added.

Former Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson also rallied the crowds, saying he wasn’t afraid of “people trying to cancel me” for his support of Trump.

“People have this perception of Trump as a racist, evil man…but I’ve gotten to know him and that’s not true,” Carson said to a standing ovation.

Detroit’s Terrence Williams perhaps summed it up best when he simply told the Post: “Black people are Americans and Americans come first.” »

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