Afternoon Update: Humidity begins to increase this evening; the heatwave arrives Monday

Does a Father’s Day bordering on hot but not scorching meet your approval, given the bright skies and cooling breezes? Starting tomorrow, temperatures could reach 90 or higher every day in the Forest Future. Apart from a slight risk of showers or storms, the working week promises to be dry.

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Until tonight : High clouds could begin to dissipate even before sunset, leaving mostly clear conditions overnight. Southerly breezes will gust to around 15 mph early but should settle down a bit as the sun rises. These breezes slowly carry more atmospheric moisture, resulting in a subtly wetter feeling. Temperatures will bottom out in the mid 60s reaching around 70°.

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Tomorrow (Monday): Temperatures will climb into a certified warm zone, around 90 degrees into the 90s. Higher humidity will increase the heat index – it will feel like the mid 90s. Pay attention to your hydration this week. Southerly breezes, while responsible for increased heat and humidity, will occasionally produce gusts near 20 mph and momentary cooling.

A small peak of clouds in the afternoon will bring a 10 percent chance of a quick shower or storm, as an episode of atmospheric instability could follow the flow of the Potomac River. Any clouds would be welcome, shielding us from the strongest sun of the year. During the night, skies generally appear clear with calm breezes, making temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees very humid and muggy.

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Flash drought possible this week

High pressure will keep us almost completely dry this week; The next raindrops may not arrive until the weekend. Gardeners and farmers are facing high watering demands this week. High heat combines with the strongest sun of the year, resulting in excessive evapotranspiration. The Climate Prediction Center highlights our dual threats of excessive heat and sudden drought:

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that we’re not entering this prolonged heat wave with an official drought in the region. However, more places are now considered abnormally dry by the US Drought Monitor, with random rain chances recently more “missed” than anything else.

Over the past 30 days, very few areas of the region have experienced normal rainfall. This underlying deficit is what makes our region vulnerable to a rapid “flash drought” over such a short period of time this week.

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