Representative Mike Turner said President Johnson would ‘assert his leadership’ in the event of ‘inappropriate’ behavior from new members of the Intelligence Committee

Washington- Rep. Mike Turner, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday that he expects Speaker Mike Johnson to intervene in cases of “inappropriate” behavior after the president named two controversial allies of Trump on the committee.

“He’s going to continue to monitor the situation,” Turner said of Johnson on “Face the Nation” Sunday, adding that “if there’s any sign that something bad is going on,” he expects to what “the speaker asserts his leadership here.”

Johnson appointed two Radical Republicans as Representatives. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Ronny Jackson of Texas, to the powerful House Intelligence Committee earlier this month. The move quickly drew backlash, as some see the two contractors’ tainted backgrounds as posing disqualifying conflicts of interest with the committee that wields strong influence over national security and foreign policy.

Nonetheless, Turner, an Ohio Republican, said the intelligence community has indicated there are no ongoing or current issues that need to be addressed. And he noted that the speaker, who he said had met with the committee, “was absolutely committed to ensuring that these two people followed the rules.”

representing Mike Turner on “Face the Nation”, June 16, 2024.

CBS News

“Both have military experience, both have had access to classified information previously and there have been no reports of mishandling of classified information,” Turner added.

Jackson, a former White House physician, was demoted by the Navy in 2022 after a Pentagon attack. surveillance investigation Well-founded allegations of inappropriate conduct. The report details two incidents in which Jackson inappropriately consumed alcohol while responsible for providing medical care and treatment to former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, as well as allegations that he disparaged his subordinates.

Perry, the former head of the House Freedom Caucus, had his phone seized in 2022 by the FBI as part of an investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Perry took aim at the committee in a statement following his appointment, saying he looked forward to “conducting real oversight — and not to blindly obey certain faces in our Intel community who too often abuse their powers, resources and authority to spy on “The Americans.”

Turner said Perry apologized, while emphasizing that “those are the kinds of words you wouldn’t want from someone who is joining a committee that is obviously very dedicated to national security and very committed to work in a bipartisan manner.” He added that in joining the committee, he expects Perry to be “absolutely happy to be able to play a role also in the work that we do for national security.”

Regarding Jackson, Turner said the reports were “not related to the handling of classified information.” highlighting his military experience and saying his voters “believe these problems are solved.”

“We will certainly work with the speaker and with Mr. Jackson to once again be a very productive member of our committee,” Turner said. “And if there were any incidents, the speaker indicated that, as with Mr. Perry, he would enforce our rules.”

CBS News has reached out to Perry and Jackson’s offices for comment.

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