Who was Michael William Nash? Michigan Splash Pad shooter may have planned more attacks before killing himself

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office has identified the shooter who shot and injured nine people at the Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad in Rochester Hills as Michael William Nash. The 42-year-old man reportedly fired 28 bullets, injuring nine people, including two children. He ultimately committed suicide during a police confrontation on Saturday June 15.

Michigan Splash Pad shooter may have planned other attacks before killing himself (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP)(AFP)

Detectives said Nash’s motive was under investigation and he had no connection to the victims, according to the Detroit Free Press. A weapon, a Glock 9mm, was found at the scene, with three magazines. Nash committed suicide after being “confined” to a Shelby Township home for a long time following the attack.

Who was Michael William Nash?

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Police said Nash had no criminal history. He lived with his mother and reportedly had mental health issues.

Police believe the suspect may have planned other attacks before killing himself. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said this shooting likely wasn’t Nash’s only target.

Nash was eventually tracked to the mobile home he shared with his mother and was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound hours later. On the kitchen table was an AR-style rifle. A third weapon, a pistol that Nash used to kill himself, was also recovered.

“Because we had a quick confinement on him, if he had planned to do something else, it wouldn’t surprise me because having that on the kitchen table is not a daily activity,” said Bouchard said, according to Fox 2 Detroit. At the time of the incident, his mother was not at home. The nature of Nash’s mental health issues was not immediately known.

Among the victims of the Michigan shooting was an eight-year-old boy who suffered a gunshot wound to the head and is said to be in critical condition. Another four-year-old boy was shot dead, as was a 39-year-old woman. All three were members of the same family. A 78-year-old man, shot in the abdomen, was the oldest victim.

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