Human arm found on Illinois beach identified as belonging to Milwaukee woman killed, dismembered after date

A human arm found on an Illinois beach has been identified as belonging to Sade Robinson, a 19-year-old Milwaukee woman who was dismembered after having a date with the man now suspected of killing her .

The arm was found May 11 by a person walking along the Waukegan municipal beach, the Lake County coroner’s office said. DNA was used to positively identify the arm as belonging to Robinson, according to the coroner.

Robinson’s family was informed of the confirmation on Tuesday.

The beach is about 50 miles from Milwaukee.

β€œOn behalf of the Lake County Coroner’s Office, I want to express our sincere condolences to Sade’s family and friends who continue to suffer this tragic loss,” Coroner Jennifer Banek said in a statement.

Sade Robinson.Milwaukee Police Department.

Attorney Verona Swanigan, who represents the family, said in a statement Tuesday that Robinson’s mother, Sheena Scarbrough, “is devastated and feels like her heart is being ripped out as she is constantly tortured by this accumulated news of the heinous murder of his daughter.

Other remains, including a torso, another arm, a severed right leg and a foot covered in pink nail polish, were found in several locations in April.

His 2020 Honda Civic was discovered April 2 with heavy interior damage caused by a fire, according to a criminal complaint.

Swanigan said Robinson’s mother is still waiting “to completely gather her daughter’s belongings to make her daughter’s last and final move home.”

“Sheena Scarbrough can’t help but wonder where in the world her daughter’s head and the rest of her body might be if her arm traveled to Waukegan, Illinois,” the attorney said. .

Authorities arrested Maxwell Anderson, 33, of Milwaukee, and charged him with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilation of a corpse and arson in Robinson’s killing.

The two had a date on April 1, the sheriff’s office said in the complaint.

Video from the area where the severed leg was found allegedly shows a “human figure” walking down the cliff toward the beach, the complaint states. Authorities say footage from a bus and a convenience store showed a man walking away from a burning vehicle. A witness also reported seeing a man get out of Robinson’s car from the driver’s side and throw a lit lighter inside, according to the complaint.

Anderson has pleaded not guilty and is being held on $5 million bail.

Swanigan said Robinson’s family wanted Anderson to “confess.”

“I want my daughter’s remains! Sade should not spend eternity lost to Anderson’s evil agenda,” Scarbrough said, via the attorney. “I waited 79 days in anxious torment without being able to see my child or know where she was. I pray that law enforcement, or his family, will finally make him talk and free me from this searing pain of not not knowing what happened to my daughter or where her remains are.

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