Star of Trump’s first impeachment, Eugene Vindman, wins Virginia Democratic House primary

Yevgeny “Eugene” Vindman won the Democratic primary in Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District and will represent his party in November as Democrats hope to retain the seat held by incumbent Rep. Abigail Spanberger.

Vindman, 49, is originally from Ukraine and moved with his family to the United States in 1979. He joined the military and it was his military service that led him and his brother to work with the White House National Security Council during Trump’s election. administration in 2020.

The brothers were ultimately drawn into Trump’s first impeachment saga when they denounced Trump in a whistleblower complaint following a phone call in which the president pushed Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to open an embarrassing criminal investigation on Joe Biden during the election year. The complaint led to Trump’s first impeachment by the House of Representatives, although he was acquitted in a Senate trial.

Tuesday’s race was called shortly after 8 p.m. with about 15 percent of the votes counted. Vindman was above 50 percent when the result was announced; his closest rivals had split the votes and therefore failed to exceed 20 percent. His total dwindled to just under half the electorate as more votes came in, but his lead remained dominant.

The lieutenant colonel’s victory Tuesday was hardly a surprise: An internal poll released by his campaign earlier this month showed him the clear favorite, thanks in part to his national prominence during Trump’s first impeachment.

The congressional candidate also entered the race alongside powerful domestic allies, including the conservative, anti-Trump Lincoln Project as well as California Rep. Adam Schiff, a prominent House Democrat who was responsible for the impeachment of Donald Trump and then a member of the bipartisan January 6 investigation.

Eugene Vindman appears at a campaign event in June 2024 as he campaigns for the Democratic nomination in VA-07
Eugene Vindman appears at a campaign event in June 2024 as he campaigns for the Democratic nomination in VA-07 (Facebook: Eugène Vindman)

But what Vindman gained in national support, he lacked in local political connections. As primary day approached, Virginia Democrats and Republicans expressed unease with his presidential bid. The Independent. A writer for a Richmond-based publication described Vindman as having been “dumped” in the congressional race by party leaders from outside Virginia.

Earlier this month, Clifford Hainzer, a Democratic primary opponent, said The independent: “It’s not hard to understand why some might say, ‘Hey, wait a second, we’ve been here to do that.’ Why is it [the media] give so much attention to the candidates who raised the most money instead of the candidates who worked hard?’

Vindman heads into the November election facing quiet concerns from Democrats that he may lack the local political capital needed to keep his party seat. Anyway, everyone who spoke The independentincluding critics within his own party, said they planned to enthusiastically support him for the seat after the primaries concluded.

Spanberger, who currently holds that seat, is already campaigning for governor of Virginia with plans to retake the state’s highest office from Democrats. Glenn Youngkin, the state’s Republican governor, is limited to one term as governor under state law.

The Seventh Congressional District is one of the purplest in Virginia and includes parts of the I-95 corridor as well as rural and suburban areas of Stafford County.

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