Vermont lawmaker apologizes for repeatedly pouring water into colleague’s bag

MONTPELIER, Vermont. — A Republican lawmaker from Vermont apologized for repeatedly pouring water into a Democratic colleague’s bag after catching her doing it on video.

State Representative. Mary Morrissey publicly apologized to the state representative. Jim Carroll, his colleagues and the citizens of Vermont from the House Monday. Both are from Bennington, a town of about 15,000 in the southwest of the state.

“I am truly ashamed of my actions,” Morrissey said of “his disrespectful conduct” toward Carroll. She said she apologized directly to Carroll and would work toward “a resolution and restoration throughout the legislative process.”

This image is taken from a video provided by the Vermont representative. Jim Carroll, a Democrat, appears to show the Vermont representative. Mary Morrissey, a Republican from Bennington, pours water into the Democratic representative’s bag. Carroll, also of Bennington, April 26.Jim Carroll via AP File

In response, Carroll told the chamber that he heard the sincerity in his voice but had to be frank, saying: “For five months I lived through this”, and Morrissey had a choice every time that she was doing it.

“It was tormented,” he said.

Carroll told The Associated Press that the tote bag he hangs in a hallway at the Statehouse had been soaked several times a week in January and February. Then, after he was charged with driving under the influence in February and returned from rehab, his bag was soaked almost daily, he said.

“It was relentless,” Carroll said, adding that he was pretty sure it was Morrissey, who he said often mistreated him. He set up a video camera behind a scarf on the opposite wall and captured Morrissey pouring water from a glass into the bag on April 23 and 26. He then showed the images to House Speaker Jill Krowinski, who confronted Morrissey with them.

“This is a truly concerning situation that is at odds with our legislative practices,” Krowinski, a Democrat, said in a statement. She added that “the integrity and decorum of our legislative processes and legislators are of paramount importance, and any actions or behaviors that compromise these values ​​will be thoroughly investigated and addressed.”

Morrissey did not explain why she did so, and she did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Carroll told his followers Monday that the first time he and Morrissey sit down to talk will be awkward, “but we have to start somewhere.”

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