Meet Stanford University Grad Virginia Hislop: 105-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Takes a Walk at Her Master’s Graduation

PALO ALTO, California. — A 105-year-old woman earned her master’s degree from the Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) after beginning her journey at the school more than 80 years ago.

Virginia “Ginnie” Hislop had taken the required courses at Stanford in the 1940s.

Just before she was due to submit her master’s thesis, World War II broke out, which affected her plans to complete her degree.

Her then-boyfriend, George Hislop, was called up to serve in the war, prompting Ginnie Hislop to leave school to marry him. She eventually participated in the war effort and focused on raising her family.

While navigating life with her family of two children, four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, Ginnie Hislop also served on the boards of Washington state schools and colleges for decades.

Along the way, Stanford dropped its thesis requirement and Ginnie Hislop eventually returned to school to earn her degree, taking the stage on Sunday, June 16, to accept her Master of Arts in Education.

When she received her diploma from GSE Dean Daniel Schwartz, Ginnie Hislop could be heard saying, “My God, I’ve waited a long time for this. »

Speaking to “Good Morning America” ​​in an interview that aired Wednesday, Ginnie Hislop shared how happy she was about this long-awaited milestone.

“False modesty has never been a problem of mine,” she said. “I felt like I deserved it and I was thrilled to get it.”

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