Billionaire Melinda French Gates just endorsed a presidential candidate for the first time

Billionaire and philanthropist extraordinaire Melinda French Gates has just supported a presidential candidate, for the first time according to her, and it is Joe Biden. In an opinion piece for CNN, French Gates called this election unlike any other, in which “the stakes for women and families could not be higher.”

She continued: “After Trump’s first term endangered women’s health, compromised their safety, and deprived them of essential freedoms, I am supporting Biden in this election and asking others to do the same. »

French Gates has long been involved in bipartisan politics, primarily through her venture capital firm Pivotal Ventures. One of the firm’s priorities has been to increase the representation of women in politics at all levels, with an emphasis on achieving near parity in Congress during her lifetime. But so far she has refrained from publicly supporting any specific candidate, she said.

French Gates denounced what she called the “often divisive, sometimes violent rhetoric” of former president and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. This ranges from “sexist attacks he launched against female journalists to the call for the imprisonment of his opponent”. She highlighted restrictions on foreign aid to those providing reproductive services and on a federal family planning program imposed by Trump.

And of course, she brought up the Supreme Court justices he appointed, which ultimately led to the court ruling being overturned. Roe deer v. Wade…the constitutional right to abortion that existed for five decades before its overthrow.

“In the two years that have passed since Roe deer was canceled, emergency rooms turned away pregnant women in desperate need of care because doctors feared legal consequences,” French Gates wrote. “Obstetricians have fled states with strict bans, which could leave women without access to basic services like contraceptives. »

She added: “The United States already has one of the highest maternal mortality rates among advanced economies, and most obstetrician-gynecologists agree that the decision to cancel Roe deer led to more maternal deaths.

If Trump is elected, he would allow states to surveil and prosecute pregnant women, something he has made clear, French Gates argued. But Biden had done the opposite, according to her; he fought for reproductive freedom, restored funding, and supported access to medications such as mifepristone. She also said that “Biden is, quite simply, the strongest advocate for caregivers the Oval Office has ever seen.”

“While Trump brags about rolling back women’s rights, Biden understands that the future of our country depends on them,” she wrote. “That’s why Biden won my vote.” I urge everyone who cares about women and families to join me.

In May, French Gates announced that she would step down from her and her ex-husband Bill Gates’ nonprofit; she would walk away with $12.5 billion for her own philanthropy. She then announced a $1 billion commitment over two years to organizations supporting women and families around the world. When announcing her departure, she said: “This is a critical moment for women and girls in the United States and around the world – and those fighting to protect and advance equality for all. genders are in urgent need of support. »

Now it seems we know what she meant, or perhaps from whom.

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