DC Area Forecast: Potentially Dangerous Heat and Humidity This Weekend

* Excessive heat monitoring from Saturday afternoon until evening *

A somewhat subjective assessment of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

4/10: Too hot for a better rating. Very sunny. Moderate humidity and a slight breeze make the temperature feel like it’s close to 100. Also leaving room for other numerical deductions to come.

  • Today: Very sunny. Moderate humidity. Treble: Low to mid 90s.
  • This evening: Mostly clear. Wetter. Lows: near 70 to mid 70s.
  • Tomorrow: Heavy. Downpour/storm? Highs: Mid 90s to around 100.
  • Sunday: Slight risk of storms. Highs: Mid 90s to around 100.

Temperatures that could deliver our warmest weekend in years arrive today and rise a bit Saturday through Sunday. A prolonged period of dangerously high heat and humidity will threaten the entire area. It can be between 105 and 110 in the afternoon. For this reason, an excessive heat watch has been issued for Saturday and may be extended through Sunday. Just a slight risk of storms by Saturday with perhaps a few strong storms possible Sunday and Monday.

If you haven’t yet prepared for the heat, kick into high gear by drinking plenty of water, stocking up on electrolytes, slowing down, seeking shade, and wearing light, light clothing. light color. Finally, seek out air conditioning and also help those around you in need.

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Today (Friday): The weather will be very bright with perhaps a final day of “moderate” humidity (dew points generally in the mid 60s). Low to mid-90s may feel close to 100 in the most humid locations, but widespread dangerous heat index levels are not as likely as during the weekend. Southerly breezes can unfortunately be limited, limiting any potential for cooling. Trust: high

This evening: Warm and mostly clear weather persists. The humidity rises a tiny notch as the full “strawberry” moon rises in the east. Temperatures reach their lowest at sunrise, dipping into the 70s to mid-70s. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Excessive heat monitoring means that heat index values ​​around 105 to 110 degrees pose a risk. Temperatures alone, ignoring high dew points near 70, can approach record values ​​in some places, reaching in the mid-90s to around 100. A lucky few – favored in the West and South north of the city in particular – could see a cool afternoon. downpour or storm. Overall, though, it’s a sunny day in which we’ll need more than the meager breezes provided. Trust: medium-high

Tomorrow evening: An isolated storm could continue into the mid-evening, but most of the area remains dry. Steady southerly breezes are expected to give us the warmest nighttime temperatures (dangerous limits) of this heatwave. Around 80 in the city center and mid 70s in the luckier spots, away from urban density. Please stay cool and supervise people and animals who cannot. Trust: medium-high

Sunday: Perhaps again feeling around 105 to 110 degrees considering high humidity and temperatures hovering around the mid 90s to around 100 degrees. There is a better chance of reaching record temperatures than Saturday, given slightly lower targets. What has improved compared to Saturday are stronger breezes and more cloud cover as the afternoon and evening showers and storms arrive (40 percent chance). The storms that form can become intense. Confidence: average

Sunday night: Again sweltering 70s for low temperatures as peak humidity can arrive with dew points above 70 degrees. This juicy atmosphere continues to fuel showers and the chance of storms overnight and towards sunrise. One or two could still suffer from hail and strong wind gusts. Confidence: average

Our greatest chance of severe storms Monday The coverage area may still be limited, but the passing cold front is pushing its way through our warm, humid air. The details of any serious threats should become clearer as we get closer. Lightning, downpours, damaging wind gusts and hail are possible, although half the area may remain dry (unfortunately). Temperatures peak a few degrees near 95. Confidence: Average

A little “dry heat” Tuesday is possible behind our cold front. High temperatures could still aim for the low to mid 90s, but dew points could, if we’re lucky, stay below 60 degrees, which is semi-comfortable territory. The sky should be very sunny. There is also a hint that we could see a quick afternoon shower or thunderstorm in the area. Confidence: average

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