Heat advisory issued for DC on Saturday, when it could feel like 105+

The hottest weather of the summer so far is developing over the Washington region, and the National Weather Service office serving the region has issued a heat advisory for Saturday, when heat indexes are expected to reach at least 105 at 107 degrees. Similar conditions are forecast for Sunday, when further heat alerts are likely.

The weather service warns that “overwhelming heat and humidity will extend across the area Saturday and last through Sunday” and that it expects “dangerously hot conditions” in which “heat-related illnesses are increasing considerably.”

The heat was already getting worse Friday, with high temperatures expected in the mid-90s and heat indexes, which also take into account humidity, near 100 degrees.

Air temperatures near the century mark are forecast for Saturday and Sunday, with heat indexes 5 to 10 degrees higher. Hurting any hope of significant relief, nighttime temperatures won’t drop below the mid-70s, or even near 80.

If it hits 100 in the city, it will be the first time since August 2016. The district is in the middle of the fifth-longest streak on record without hitting 100.

Even if it doesn’t reach 100° this weekend, the current heat wave is one of the longest in several years and comes unusually early in the summer.

The weather service’s thermal risk outlook, on a scale of 0 to 4, is expected to increase from Level 2 on Friday to Level 4 on Sunday. The HeatRisk scale takes into account the unusual and prolonged nature of heat, as well as anticipated threats to human health.

“Drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air-conditioned room, stay out of the sun and watch your loved ones and neighbors,” advises the weather service. “Do not leave young children and pets in vehicles unattended. Car interiors will reach deadly temperatures within minutes.

Friday is expected to end up being the hottest day of the year so far with highs in the low to mid 90s. This will be the fifth day in a row at 90 or above and the eighth this year.

Temperatures are expected to rise further SATURDAY. The district is currently projected to hit 100, although it’s possible it could fall just short. Most of the rest of the region is expected to reach the upper 90s, with slightly cooler air near the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. Afternoon heat indices are expected to reach at least 105.

Sunday and on Saturday, continue to flip-flop on what will be hottest. Like Saturday, Sunday is expected to see high temperatures in the upper 90s near 100 and heat indexes at least 105.

With forecast highs not exceeding the mid-90s on Friday, most spots should be just below record highs.

Better odds for the records arrive Saturday, but the existing ratings are all near or above 100, so many spots could be just below again. The forecast in Dulles is 99, compared to a record 99. In the District, the forecast 99 compares to 101 for a record.

Sunday appears to have the best chance to set multiple area records. Washington, Dulles and Baltimore are all expected to hit record highs, with highs in the upper 90s or around mid-century.

Among at least 100 warm daily minimum temperature records threatened Sunday across the eastern United States, DC is currently only expected to drop to 81, which would beat the previous single-calendar day record by three degrees and mark the highest temperature warmest low so early in the year on record.

More heat after the weekend

Although temperatures are expected to drop somewhat starting next week, they will likely stay around the 90s before rising back into the 90s on Wednesday ahead of a cold front.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the cold front will end the current string of 90-degree days by Thursday.

The forecast for July, just released by the weather service, calls for more abnormally warm weather in the mid-Atlantic.

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