Brooks and Capehart on Biden’s immigration order and Trump’s mixed message

Jonathan Capehart:

Absent congressional action, yes.

What we’re talking about is what I call status discordant families, one of whom is here either fully naturalized or on a green card or something, and someone else in the family or several people in the family are here as undocumented. The level of insecurity, instability and fear running through this home is immeasurable.

But we must also remember that these households contribute to their community. They work. They go to school. They are an integral part of the American fabric as if they were full citizens.

And so, in the absence of any congressional action, I think it’s fair that the president has decided to fully legally integrate them. It would be great if Congress functioned and was rational and was able to have a nice, substantive, rational debate where you could come up with a great comprehensive immigration bill that would incorporate all of these people.

But I remember when President Obama was in the White House, the Senate passed a tremendous immigration bill, and President John Boehner just reviewed it. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if Speaker Boehner hadn’t…

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