DC Area Forecast: Temperatures Approach 100 Today, Between 105 and 110

* Heat advisory from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. today *

A somewhat subjective assessment of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

1/10: I mean… it could be a little worse. Hydrate and hide from the heat if possible.

  • Today: Quite sunny. Isolated late afternoon storm? Highs: 97-101.
  • This evening: Partly cloudy. Low: Mid 70s to low 80s.
  • Tomorrow: Partly cloudy. Scattered storms at the end of the day? Highs: Mid 90s to near 100.

The weekend peak of our ongoing heat wave is expected to send many spots to around 100 at least once and maybe twice. When considering humidity in the air, it becomes legitimately dangerous, as prolonged heat indexes — a measure of heat and humidity — at or above 105 are likely on both days. A cold front arriving Sunday evening won’t exactly deliver colder air, but it won’t be as warm behind it.

Today (Saturday): Today, there’s at least a chance of reaching 100. If that happens, it’s the first time since 2016 for the city. As might be expected given this news, the sun is out. It feels like temperatures exceed 100 at lunchtime in most places, and reach highs of 105 to 110 in the afternoon.

Highs in the region are expected to be between 96 and 101, which could threaten some records, notably for Baltimore (100 in 1988) and Dulles (99 in 1988). DC’s record of 101 in the same year isn’t completely out of reach, but a bit of a stretch. Trust: medium-high

This evening: Any isolated storm quickly disappears with the sunset, leaving us partly cloudy and hazy. It’s an uncomfortable evening as heat indexes stay near 100 until nightfall and stay in the 90s much of the night. The mid 70s to 80s should be enough for lows, which will set additional records for warm lows. Trust: medium-high

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Tomorrow Sunday) : It’s a bit like today, and perhaps with a higher starting point. The main question is how cloudy it will be during the afternoon. To reach very high temperatures, we generally need almost full sun. Either way, it’s going to be disgusting, with highs ranging from the mid-90s to around 100. It’ll be more like 105 or so when humidity is taken into account. Scattered showers and thunderstorms could move in late in the day. Trust: medium-high

Tomorrow evening: Scattered showers and storms could persist into the night. A cold front will not pass through until dawn or shortly before sunrise, which means humidity reigns and lows are in the 70s. Confidence: Medium-High

It’s hard to describe weather closer to 90° Monday a “break” from the heat, but after this weekend it might look like this. The sun reigns when the humidity has dropped to moderate levels, helping it feel much better today and tomorrow. Maximum values ​​range from approximately 89 to 93. Confidence: Medium

TuesdayTemperatures are likely similar to Monday – perhaps a degree warmer but mostly low in the 90s. There is also still plenty of sunshine and relatively modest but slowly increasing humidity levels. Confidence: average

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