Dueling porch pirates race and struggle to steal package outside Pennsylvania home moments after FedEx delivery

SPRING DISTRICT IN PROGRESS, Penn. — Two porch pirates were caught on camera running and fighting to steal a package moments after it was delivered to a Pennsylvania home.

It happened earlier this week in Sinking Spring in Berks County — about an hour northwest of Philadelphia — as a FedEx delivery driver sped away.

Seconds after the delivery, doorbell video shows two men pulling up in separate cars running toward the residence. As they both reach the porch, they push and punch each other – and one of them even picks up a flower pot and tries to use it as a weapon, then chases after the other man who had picked up the package first.

All of this happened while family members were inside the home.

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Surveillance video shows a porch pirate — disguised in a plastic bag — approaching a Sacramento homeowner’s front door and stealing a package.

“My family’s lives were in danger and it’s scary,” said the resident who shared the video with Philadelphia station WPVI.

He said the package was delivered from AT&T.

“How did they know these phones were delivered? Something fishy is going on here,” the resident posted on Facebook.

For these two bastards to walk into our community and get into a potentially deadly altercation over the theft of a package is unbelievable.

Police Chief Chris Stouch

Chief Chris Stouch of the Lower Heidelberg Township Police Department told WFMZ that officers were searching for the two suspects.

“But to see these two bastards come into our community and get into a potentially deadly altercation over stealing a package is incredible and I really look forward to catching and apprehending these guys because I want to make an example of them,” Stouch said.

The chief says doorbell cameras are helpful, but more needs to be done to stop this brazen activity.

“It’s an important key to helping apprehend the individuals, but it doesn’t stop, as you can see in this video, at least one of the individuals was wearing some sort of mask to conceal his face,” he said. said Stouch.

FedEx says its top priority is ensuring customers receive their packages safely.

The company released this statement to WPVI about the incident:

“In recent years, we have introduced innovative visibility technologies to give our customers greater peace of mind when it comes to the reliable delivery of their packages. These tools have proven to be very useful in combating hacking porches and improving the overall customer experience Our flexible solutions like Picture Proof of Delivery, FedEx Delivery Manager and the FedEx Mobile App provide customers with a convenient experience, with more control over when and where their deliveries are made.

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