Flooding leads to road closures, water rescues in the tri-state area

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Homes, basements, city parks, streets, highways and even parts of the interstate were flooded with water Friday after hours of rain left much of the Dakota News Now viewing area flooded.

Intersections and businesses in southwest Sioux Falls were filled with water, while a travel ban advisory went into effect on all affected sections of state highways in southeast South Dakota by floods.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation said the majority of state and local roads are currently impassable due to standing or flowing water on the roadways.

Most major streams and rivers will continue to rise and are not expected to peak until this weekend or later.

All current road closures, travel ban advisories and road obstructions can be found at SD511.org.

Regarding closed streets, residents of the City of Sioux Falls were reminded not to ignore barricades and drive on closed roads as this can be extremely dangerous and cause damage to your vehicle.

You can find a working list of all street closures here.

The City also reminded residents to properly drain sump pumps. Pumps can be drained onto your lawn, into street gutters, or into a sump pump collection system.

The city said draining into a floor drain or sanitary sewer is not only against city ordinances, but can also overload the sewer system and cause sewage backups.

Evacuation procedures are underway in Rock Valley, Iowa, as the area also expects more precipitation Friday evening.

The city alerted residents who live in higher-risk flood areas with data from the National Weather Service showing the river is expected to reach nearly 22 feet at its crest, more than six feet above the flood level.

Residents are asked to stay home so emergency vehicles can access flooded areas.

MidAmerican Energy officials have already shut off electricity and natural gas to some homes in the area.

The city alerted residents who live in the highest risk areas to leave their homes around 8:30 p.m. and that shelter is available at Faith Reformed Church.

Authorities were called to Huset’s Speedway for a water rescue where several people were stranded in campgrounds due to flooding.

Another water rescue came from west Sioux Falls, in the area of ​​Madison and Ellis Road. Two people and a dog were rescued from two separate vehicles.

The occupants are expected to be fine.

Another incident occurred Friday afternoon in Falls Park in Sioux Falls, to which the Sioux Falls Police Department and Sioux Falls Fire Department responded.

An individual was rescued from the water after entering the water upstream near the Hilton Garden Inn. The individual is expected to be fine.

City officials urged extreme caution for anyone visiting Falls Park.

Firefighters in Luverne, Minnesota, shared a photo of a tractor-trailer tipped on its side and partially submerged underwater.

Two people managed to get out of the cabin but remained trapped on the roof of the vehicle. Both were rescued unharmed.

Along with the flooding, emergency responders in Lyon County, Iowa also had to deal with a train derailment.

The BNS freight train derailed just south of Alvord early Friday morning.

Lyon County Emergency Management told Dakota News Now that a total of nine rail cars were derailed but no hazmat crew was called and BNSF was still clearing the tracks as of Friday afternoon.

To the south, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers moved operations to Gavin’s Point Dam in response to excess rainwater.

The dam will reduce downstream flows to help mitigate flooding.

By doing so, officials said it would increase the elevation of Lewis and Clark Lake by two feet.

Lower builds will continue throughout the weekend.

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