PM Update: Today was the hottest of the year so far, and Saturday will be warmer

* Heat advisory Saturday, when you might feel like you’re over 105*

Today is the hottest of the year so far, a title it will hold until tomorrow. Temperatures in the mid-90s were locally common, with a few isolated readings above 97 or 98 observed. Since the forecast went pretty much as expected today, this could be a bad sign for tomorrow. Weather models agree that 100 is within our reach – but as has been the case since 2016, we know that conditions need to be just about perfect to get there.

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Until tonight : It’s a very warm evening, with temperatures falling back to around 90°C as sunset approaches under clear skies. We are slowly losing another 12 to 15 degrees in most places as humidity increases. Lows extend into the 70s. Winds are from the south between five and 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Get out early if you have any hope of beating the high heat. Temperatures rise with the sun and heat indexes rise near or above 100 at midday, peaking around 105 to 108 in mid-to-late afternoon. Actual high temperatures range from about 96 to 101, with the coolest places in the north and west – or directly at the water’s edge – to the warmest places in urban centers. There may be an isolated storm in the heat that seeps in, but don’t participate in it.

It should still be around 100°F at least until sunset, with low temperatures near record highs in the mid-70s to around 80°F.

Sunday: More clouds than Saturday, especially in the afternoon, although it’s unclear if that will help much with temperatures. Readings generally range from the mid-90s to around 100. Heat indexes also strive to reach around 105. Scattered showers and storms are more likely to arrive late in the day and last until late into the night.

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