President-elect, votes on women, IVF

INDIANAPOLIS — Many of the high-profile legislative issues before the Southern Baptist Convention at its annual meeting in Indianapolis were decided Tuesday, except for arguably the most important. The convention is scheduled to vote Wednesday morning on a proposed measure to ban female pastors and on a resolution condemning the use of in vitro fertilization. … Read more

Prop 47: California voters will decide fate of law accused of widespread theft

In November, California voters will have the opportunity to decide whether to repeal a law accused of widespread theft. State officials said Tuesday that the initiative had reached the required number of petition signatures to become eligible for the ballot. It should be certified by November. 5 general elections later this month. Proposition 47 was … Read more

The Supreme Court has a significant backlog in a short time to get there

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court heads into its final weeks with nearly half of the cases heard this year still undecided, including those that could reshape the law on everything from guns to abortion to social media. The justices are also still considering whether former President Donald Trump is immune from criminal prosecution in … Read more

A plane carrying 5 people mysteriously disappeared in 1971. Experts claim to have found the wreckage in Lake Champlain.

Fifty-three years after a private plane carrying five men disappeared on a snowy Vermont night, experts believe they have found the wreckage of the long-lost plane in Lake Champlain. The business jet disappeared shortly after departing Burlington Airport for Providence, Rhode Island, on January 1. 27, 1971. Among those on board were two crew members … Read more

Residential treatment centers prioritize profits over care, Senate says

Children housed in residential treatment centers run by some of the nation’s largest behavioral health companies are at risk of sexual abuse, dangerous physical restraints and overmedication, problems made worse by weak oversight and a system that “optimizes profit over the well-being and safety of children,” a Senate committee reported Wednesday. Companies investigating per diems … Read more