American ‘serial slingshot shooter’, aged 81, arrested

Image source, Azusa Police Department/Instagram

Legend, Azusa Police executed search warrant at suspect’s home

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A “serial slingshot” who for years allegedly upset residents in his California neighborhood has been arrested, police said.

The 81-year-old is accused of shooting ball bearings into dozens of local homes, smashing windows and windshields and narrowly missing.

Azusa police say Prince King’s arrest concludes a “lengthy investigation” and puts an end to the “quality of life issue” that has plagued area residents for nearly a decade.

Mr King pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court on Tuesday.

The Azusa Police Department released a statement on Instagram this week saying that Mr. King’s arrest came after a search warrant was executed at his home in the neighborhood where the incidents were reported.

“During the search, ball bearings and a slingshot were recovered from his home,” police said.

The incidents had been going on for nine to 10 years, police said, during which time “dozens of citizens were victims of serial slingshots.”

This includes ball bearings being thrown towards house windows and car windshields, and “almost” hitting people.

Police said they were able to arrest Mr. King when a recent increase in complaints revealed a “pattern” and allowed them to “restrict him to a specific residence.”

“We are not aware of any motive other than simple malicious mischief,” Azusa Police Lt. Jake Bushey told local news.

Residents say they are relieved after years of incidents.

“A lot of times I would go out and find little BBs near the front door,” resident Monico Palomino told a local NBC affiliate.

“I am very happy that this person has been arrested.”

Images of cracked windows and plastic bags filled with small silver balls recovered from victims’ yards were broadcast on local news.

Mr. King faces felony and misdemeanor vandalism charges, according to the New York Times.

He was released without bail until his next court appearance on June 17.

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