Ezra Mansoor, 6 weeks old, fatally mauled by family husky

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A 6-week-old baby sleeping in his crib was mauled to death by the family dog.

Little Ezra Mansoor succumbed to his injuries Thursday, six days after an attack by a seemingly docile husky in his Knoxville, Tennessee, home.

“Being his mother has been the greatest honor and the best thing I’ve ever done,” Chloe Mansoor, the baby’s grieving mother, told WVLT.

Ezra Mansoor was mauled to death by the family husky while sleeping in his crib. CNN
Little Ezra made Chloe and Mark Mansoor parents for the first time. CNN

Ezra was in the hospital in critical condition for nearly a week before he died, according to his new parents. Among his life-threatening injuries were a brain hemorrhage and brain swelling.

The “completely unprovoked” attack took the family by surprise.

The dog – which they had owned for eight years – was one of two dogs in the home, although neither had a history of aggression.

As little Ezra’s life was tragically cut short, his parents Mark and Chloe decided to help other babies in need by donating his organs, according to an online fundraiser.

The Monsoors owned the killer dog for eight years, but said he never showed signs of aggression. Mark Mansoor/Facebook
Ezra’s organs were donated to other children in need. CNN

Working to save the lives of others has brought them peace during this heartbreaking grieving process.

“Don’t really take anything for granted, even if it’s a time when you’re bored or frustrated. “All these little moments are still amazing,” Chloé Mansoor told the outlet.

“Really pray for the whole family, everyone loved him so much. I know everyone is grieving right now, we are grieving right now, and it’s going to be a lifelong process to try to get through this.

The dog has since been taken to an animal shelter as part of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office investigation. The dog’s future, or whether charges will be filed, is not yet clear.

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