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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia’s Office of Clean and Green Initiatives is launching a month-long plan to clean up the city.

The goal of the program is to clean each neighborhood from June to August 26.

We will keep our promise and end “Filthadelphia” once and for all.

The 13-week cleanup program will begin Monday and will involve more than a dozen government agencies cleaning up every residential street in the city by the end of the summer.

“We are forming a united front with city agencies, businesses and the community to ensure a citywide effort against urban decay,” said the director of clean and green initiatives.

Carlton Williams.

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Mayor Cherelle Parker says the program will address many quality of life issues related to trash, illegal dumping, graffiti, abandoned automobiles, vacant lots and nuisance properties.

“We are going to keep our promise and end Filthadelphia once and for all,” Parker said.

Starting Monday, crews will begin disinfecting and cleaning streets between Kensington, Torresdale and Delaware avenues in Frankford. Then the crews will tackle the other neighbors.

Trudy and Edward Kellam say they do their best to keep their block clean, but keeping it that way remains a challenge as people litter and let trash and debris fly everywhere.

“They leave the trash out, they don’t tie the trash bags, you know? And they just let it sit like it is and let it go,” Edward said.

Some progress has been made, notably in the 19124 ZIP code, which includes Frankford. The Action News data journalism team has learned that reports of illegal dumping have decreased by nearly 20% since this time last year.

Dot Soklo says if the cleanup efforts bring some shine back to her neighborhood, she’s happy with it.

“I mean, this city was wonderful and now it’s like turned into trash and that’s what we have, it’s trash,” she said.

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