Lara Trump Stops Committing RNC Support to Larry Hogan After Commenting on Trump Verdict

Lara Trump, co-chair of the Republican National Committee and daughter-in-law of Donald Trump, criticized former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan on Sunday after he urged Americans to “respect” the verdict in the former president’s secret trial.

Hogan is running for a Senate seat in Maryland and represents one of the GOP’s best chances to regain control of the chamber. Yet Lara Trump — who was recently named party co-chair, alongside Michael Whatley — said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Hogan “doesn’t deserve the respect” of any Republican for his comments.

On Thursday, before the jury’s verdict was delivered, Hogan posted on X that Americans should “respect the verdict and the legal process.”

“We must reaffirm what has made this nation great: the rule of law,” Hogan said, urging the public not to “add fuel to the fire with more toxic partisanship.”

Lara Trump called his statement “ridiculous.”

“He doesn’t deserve the respect of anyone in the Republican Party at this point, and frankly, of anyone in America, if that’s how you feel,” she said.

The RNC supports Republican Party campaigns and organizing. CNN host Kasie Hunt asked the RNC co-chair if her comments meant the committee would withhold money from Hogan’s Senate campaign. Lara Trump did not respond directly.

“I will get back to you on all the details financially,” she said. “But what I can tell you is that as co-chairman of the Republican Party, I think he should never have said something like that.”

Spokespeople for Hogan’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Last week, Chris LaCivita, a senior adviser to Trump’s presidential campaign, quickly attacked Hogan for his post, saying on X: “You just finished your campaign. »

Hogan, a popular former governor of a deeply blue state known for his willingness to work across the aisle, must convince The voters to succeed the senator. Ben Cardin (D) and help the GOP take control of the Senate.

Democrats currently control the House by one seat, and several Senate seats are up for grabs in November. Hogan is facing Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks, who won the Democratic primary last month.

In the CNN interview, Lara Trump appeared to suggest that Hogan was appealing to the wrong voters by trying to contain a negative reaction to the former president’s trial verdict.

“The American people showed up and 48 hours after Donald Trump’s verdict was read, our campaign and the RNC raised $70 in digital funds,” she said – referring to a surge in donations to Trump and to the Republicans the day after the verdict. (Fundraising figures have not been verified.)

“I think it was a very quick, very quick, very strong response from the American people,” Lara Trump said. “The American people are upset and they have spoken about it. »

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