Thrilling video shows dog chasing bear, then Minnesota woman in driveway: ‘He lunged at me’

A Minnesota woman didn’t think twice when a bear started chasing her dog, Zeus, down her driveway, instinctively running after the beast and her dog.

The thrilling moments, captured on her home’s surveillance video, later showed Bailey Jacobson screaming and running toward her Maple Grove home after the bear “lunged” at her.

“Obviously, I was petrified,” Jacobson told FOX 9 of the couple coming across three bears rummaging through their trash outside their home earlier this month.

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After she screamed, two smaller bears ran towards the woods, but the larger one chased Zeus down the road.

Bailey Jacobson is seen chasing the bear as it runs after his dog.

“I’m glad Zeus made the decision to go for a run,” Jacobson, who can be seen chasing the two in the video, told the station.


Jacobson posted the video on his social media, writing, “Even a bear couldn’t stop me from trying to save my dog.” »

She added: “Thanks to my @oofos shoes that didn’t fall off while running from a bear.”

Jacobson tries to keep his dog away from the bear

Jacobson attempted to lead his dog away from the bears rummaging through trash cans (not visible behind a pickup truck) before one of the bears began chasing his dog.


Jacobson told the station that Zeus passed the bear as the dog came around the corner, and that’s when the predator chased him.

Jacobson running away from the bear

Jacobson runs down the alley after she says the bear lunged at her.

“It definitely lunged at me, and I was probably 35 or 40 feet from the bear, and I was like, ‘Well, I have to run too, I guess,’ so it was definitely a two-headed thing where Zeus I ran, and I ran.

Neither Jacobson, nor Zeus, nor any of the bears were injured.

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Original article source: Thrilling video shows dog chasing bear, then Minnesota woman in driveway: ‘He lunged at me’

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