Driver killed as burning SUV crashes through fence, falls 40 feet onto road in Boston

BOSTON – A driver was killed in a horrific crash in Boston Wednesday morning as his burning SUV slammed into a chain-link fence and fell 40 feet to a road below.

Car on fire before the accident

It happened around 10 a.m. in Widett Circle near Interstate 93. The car was on fire when it drove through a fence on the Massachusetts Avenue connector and landed on the exit’s off-ramp 16 of the highway, according to Boston Fire Commissioner Paul Burke.

The driver of this car was killed when it crashed into a fence and fell 40 feet to the road below in Boston on June 5, 2024.

Michael Tobin

“We’re lucky there wasn’t a car underneath when it came off the overpass, that it didn’t hit another vehicle,” Burke said, adding that “there’s nothing left nothing more” from the SUV.

“The whole thing was in flames, so you could barely tell it was a car,” said Michael Tobin, who came across the SUV while it was on fire. “It’s bad because, you know, there was someone in that car.”

Unidentified driver

The chief said he was unable to determine whether the driver was male or female. No one else was in the SUV. It is not yet known what caused the fire or accident.

“Basically we just heard a crash, I thought it was just a crash, maybe on the bridge or something. And then we came here for coffee hour and we just saw a bunch of smoke,” construction worker Moises Valencia told WBZ-TV. .

“We were just looking at the smoke. We thought the railroad tires were on fire or a building was on fire, something like that. It wasn’t until the smoke cleared that we saw something thing falling off the bridge.”

No further information is available at this stage of the investigation.

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