Heat wave: Triple-digit temperatures heading to Texas, California and Arizona

On Thursday, Phoenix could reach a scorching 113 degrees.

A potentially deadly heat wave is gripping the West, where temperatures could exceed 110 degrees from California to Nevada to Arizona.

Dangerous triple-digit heat will hit Texas first on Tuesday, with record highs possible in San Antonio, Abilene, San Angelo and Del Rio.

On Wednesday, Las Vegas is expected to reach 109 degrees and Phoenix could reach a record 110 degrees.

By Thursday, Las Vegas could climb as high as 111 degrees and Phoenix could reach a scorching 113 degrees.

The record heat will spread north Thursday and Friday, bringing temperatures into the 90s in Oregon and Idaho.

The heat will persist until the start of the weekend.

Doctors recommend taking warnings of excessive heat seriously. According to CDC WONDER, an online database, hundreds of deaths occur each year in the United States from excessive heat, and scientists warn that the true number of heat-related deaths is likely higher.

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