4 injured in small plane crash northwest of Denver

Two adults and two juveniles were rushed to the hospital after a small plane crashed in the Oberon and Carr area of ​​Arvada Friday morning. Arvada police sent emergency crews to the area after the crash was reported around 9:30 a.m.

Ray Powell took video of the fiery plane crash in an Arvada neighborhood Friday morning.

Ray Powell

In the photo tweeted by the Arvada Police Department, there was the wreckage of a small fixed-wing plane in the front yard of a home. Firefighters were seen dousing the rubble with a fire hose.

Arvada Police

“We don’t know how many people were on the plane, but we transported four people with various injuries to local hospitals,” said Matt Osier, deputy chief of the Arvada Fire Department. “I don’t know if they were passengers on the plane or passers-by.”

Man describes hearing small plane crash near his Denver-area home

Osier said the fire did not spread to any other structures.

CBS News Colorado Your Jefferson County reporter Karen Morfitt was at the scene of the crash minutes after the plane went down. She described a trail of debris surrounding the crash site along Oberon.

She said neighbors could hear the crash from several blocks away.

CBS News Colorado Covers Small Plane Crash in Arvada Neighborhood Extensively

A woman was outside watering her plants when she saw the plane fall from the sky.

“When I saw the plane hit the tree, it cut the tree, came and hit the ground, slipped… turned over, slid and caught fire and landed in the “neighbor’s driveway,” the woman said. “The engine was running because it was making the sound of a motorcycle…a strange sounding motorcycle.”

“I was inside and I heard a ‘Boom!’ ” very strong. and I went out and I didn’t see anything at first and my wife said she thought she saw a plane go by,” said Bob who lives just two houses from the plane crash. “All that I could see, it was a lot of smoke. I couldn’t tell if the plane had hit the house or what.”

Other neighbors expressed shock and concern after the plane crash. It is clear whether the plane was en route or coming from Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield.

“I noticed how low he was, that’s when I started paying attention, that’s when I saw him turn around and when he started sliding towards a car, I started following him, that’s when I saw it hit and catch fire. When he approached the truck it caught fire. “, said witness Ericka Garcia “When I arrived, I arrived as soon as it hit… it caught fire and I saw everyone on the ground, there were too many flames, there. had two on the street…I couldn’t see where the other two bodies were…people were picking them up and neighbors were helping with everything.

There was a red pickup truck at the scene that had front and side damage, as well as at least one flat tire.

“In addition to putting out the fire, we have our hazmat crews on site because with planes there is fuel,” Osier said. “On top of that, we secure our scene for our investigators and the NTSB.”

Witness video shows burning wreckage after small plane crash

What happened before the crash is under investigation by Arvada Fire and the NTSB.

Carr Street was closed to traffic. The public is asked to avoid the area during the accident investigation and cleanup.

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