A deadly heat wave is sweeping the United States with scorching temperatures reaching 110F with more than 34M under weather alerts in California, Texas and other parts of the Southwest.

By Ishita Srivastava for Dailymail.Com

15:46 June 7, 2024, updated 15:53 ​​June 7, 2024

Americans living in southwestern states are experiencing sweltering heat as experts warn temperatures will soon exceed 100F.

More than 34 million people living in Texas, Nevada, Arizona and California have been urged to take precautions as federal agencies issue extreme heat advisories this week.

The National Weather Service in Las Vegas predicted “extreme” heat in parts of Southern Nevada through the weekend.

The agency also warned of limited or no relief from daytime heat overnight, with low temperatures in the Las Vegas area expected to reach 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit above normal.

A man takes a photo of a thermometer reading 120 degrees Fahrenheit at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center in Death Valley.

A four-year-old runs into a splash pool to cool off while another child splashes him amid the heat at Rio de Los Angeles State Park in Los Angeles.

Similar forecasts were also released for the Coachella Valley and San Diego County in the mostly desert state.

Federal agencies are warning people living around parts of Grand Canyon National Park in areas below 4,000 feet to protect themselves, as temperatures are expected to range from 105 F to 111 F for the remainder of this week.

The unseasonably warm weather is expected to spread northward and reach parts of the Pacific Northwest by the weekend.

Mercury levels in Phoenix and Las Vegas have already reached 108F on Wednesday and records exceeding 110F on Thursday.

As a result, Albuquerque’s mayor has already announced this year’s “Operation Cooldown,” which includes plans for cooling centers and the use of sprinklers in city parks to keep children cool.

A billboard shows the current temperature above 100 degrees this week in Phoenix, Arizona
Pakistan’s Shadab Khan takes a break in the heat during men’s group play at the ICC Twenty20 World Cup 2024 June 6 at the Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium in Grand Prairie, Texas.
Phoenix Fire Department demonstrates how to perform cold water immersion therapy to protect heatwave victims

The Phoenix Fire Department began adopting the cold water immersion technique for heatstroke victims by packing them in ice on the way to area hospitals to prevent related deaths in the heat this year.

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The Tucson, Arizona City Council also passed a heat protection ordinance to ensure city workers have access to cool water, shade and extra breaks at their workplaces .

The action comes after Pima County, where Tucson is located, recorded 176 heat-related deaths last year and 51 more such deaths in the five additional rural counties managed by the medical examiner.

Earlier this week, the agencies said Nevada expected to experience heat wave in early summer with temperatures reaching 120F in the Death Valley town of Furnace Creek.

The National Weather Service in Las Vegas noted that although the Death Valley area is known for its extreme heat, it is unusual for the heat to increase this early in the season.

The extreme heat warning is expected to begin around 10 a.m. Wednesday and last until 9 p.m. Friday in Lake Mead National Recreation Area and the Las Vegas Valley.

The National Weather Service said in a post on X: “It’s summer in the desert, it’s going to be hot!”

“Yes, but it’s not always that hot in the desert, especially in early summer.”

A person waits for the bus in the shade of a sidewalk as temperatures are expected to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Sacramento.
Cooling stations will be set up across Clark County so the public can find some respite during the day starting Wednesday. (Pictured: A man is seen cooling off in misters along the Las Vegas Strip in July 2023)
Although the Death Valley region is known for its extreme heat, it is unusual for the heat to increase this early in the season.

A chart provided by the National Weather Service shows that at this time of year, temperatures are expected to be around 90-108F.

While lower temperatures are expected in parts of Nevada, other areas, including Death Valley, are expected to be much warmer.

The national park, which borders California and Nevada, recorded its highest temperature of 134F on July 10, 1913.

Authorities warned of serious health risks from the scorching weather and recommended people limit their time outdoors, drink plenty of water and pay attention to warning signs of heatstroke and exhaustion.

Signs that a person is suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke include heavy breathing, sweating, no sweating, vomiting, fainting, and sudden muscle spasms.

Infants, children, people 65 and older, and people with medical conditions should limit their time outdoors and use extreme caution.

Drivers were advised to stay with their vehicle in the event of a breakdown and to use their vehicle’s air conditioning to stay cool while waiting for help.

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