Vermont police apologize after terrorizing students with fake gun shooting

Police in Burlington, Vermont, issued a public apology after students were shaken by a robbery role-play that included “a simulated shooting.”

About 20 Burlington High School students enrolled in a forensic program that is part of the End of Year (YES) curriculum turned themselves in Wednesday to the Burlington Police Department, said the WPTZ School District in Plattsburgh, New York, reported.

During this presentation, the ministry organized a simulated shooting including fake weapons and without prior warning.

There were “screams and fake gunshots” and it took place “behind where students were sitting,” the Burlington school district said in a letter to families, WPTZ reported.

“As a result, some students believed the protest was real and felt scared and confused,” the letter said.

However, police said their presentation was discussed with those responsible for the YES program beforehand.

Burlington police said in a statement Thursday that the role-playing scenario “only involved three department staff members simulating a robbery scenario and was not directed at any students or faculty.”

Police said that on April 29, Burlington School District staff associated with the YES program contacted BPD about a presentation for students. On May 23, police department personnel and YES program staff “communicated details of the scenarios, including saying that the training incident would involve “the use of imitation firearms during a simulated shooting,” police said.

Police said the department asked if such an incident “would be acceptable for your group of students?” » This is about as real life as it gets and it’s certainly exactly the sort of thing we face most frequently.

YES program staff reportedly responded, “I think these students will feel good about this simulation. We will inform parents and students. »

“First, the Burlington Police Department apologizes to all students in attendance who were upset by the specific scenario and crime scene of the presentation,” the police department said.

BPD said its supervisor involved in the presentation contacted YES program staff members to further discuss the matter.

“The BPD will meet with BSD students and staff tomorrow to discuss the presentation and its impact. We hope this can provide a thoughtful growth opportunity for all parties,” police said.

NBC News has reached out to the district for comment on the ordeal.

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