Los Angeles leader outraged after footage shows police ‘dumping’ suspected homeless man outside his office

The Los Angeles City Council president is demanding answers after security cameras captured two Burbank police officers allegedly dropping off a homeless man near his office and walking away as he lay on the ground this week.

City Councilman Paul Krekorian released the video showing the two uniformed officers stop on the street in North Hollywood on June 6, remove the unidentified man from their marked vehicle in handcuffs, untie him and then drive away as he appeared to be found on the ground. on all fours.

The man, who was not wearing shoes, was then seen lying on the ground on his stomach.

“It was cruel, inhumane and fundamentally irresponsible,” Krekorian told reporters at a news conference Friday.

Krekorian said staff in his office were able to find the man and provide him with medical treatment after receiving the security footage, he said.

The city councilor said he was outraged that police made no attempt to help the man.

“Without providing any assistance to this person, without determining if anyone could provide him with any services, they abandoned him in North Hollywood,” Krekorian said.

The councilman contacted the Burbank mayor’s office about the incident. The city said the Burbank Police Department was “conducting a thorough investigation.”

“We do not take this concern lightly, as the City of Burbank’s first priority is to provide our unhoused residents with the support and resources needed to transition from the streets to stable and safe living conditions,” said Burbank Mayor Nick Schultz said in a statement. Friday.

Krekorian said his office determined that the man sought medical attention at a Burbank hospital and that hospital staff called police when he allegedly became unruly.

The Burbank Police Department released more details about the encounter between officers and the man.

Officers responded around 8:45 a.m. PT Thursday to a man sitting naked at a bus stop at Buena Vista Street and Alameda Avenue, just outside Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, according to police. police.

When officers encountered the man, he refused an offer of clothes because he had his own clothes, police said.

The man reportedly told officers he was homeless and had been taken to the hospital from the Sunland-Tujunga area, police said.

“The individual stated he had suffered a leg injury many years ago and officers learned he had left the hospital voluntarily prior to their arrival. Upon investigation, the individual refused any service medical,” Burbank police said. . in a report.

Police alleged that, in order to “obtain the individual’s cooperation in getting dressed, the officers offered to drive him to a location of his choosing” and that he ultimately got dressed. .

Initially, the man allegedly asked for a ride to the Sunland-Tujunga area, but then accepted a ride on the Metro Red Line to North Hollywood, according to police.

During the ride, the man allegedly asked to go out for coffee, police said.

“The officers immediately complied with his request, stopped and allowed the individual to exit the patrol vehicle,” Burbank police said in a statement.

Police said they are reviewing all evidence from the incident, including body-worn cameras and witness statements. They thanked Krekorian for bringing it to their attention.

The councilman stressed that law enforcement should be more careful when it comes to dealing with the current crisis of unhoused people.

“If you see this happening on a random security camera, chances are it’s happening a lot more often at times when we don’t see it,” he said.

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