Marquette University President Michael Lovell Dies Abroad

MILWAUKEE — Michael Lovell, president of Marquette University, died during a trip to Italy, the university announced Sunday.

Lovell, 57, had been battling sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, for the past three years.

According to a Marquette University release, Lovell and his wife were in Rome with members of the Society of Jesus and the Marquette University Board of Trustees for a Jesuit educational pilgrimage.

He fell ill and was taken to hospital.

Lovell arrived at Marquette in 2014 when he made history as the university’s first-ever secular president. All 23 Marquette presidents before Lovell were Jesuits.

Tim Vetscher

Marquette University President Michael Lovell seen at an event.

“President Lovell’s decade of leadership at Marquette has been marked by a deep commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and community renewal and development – ​​consistent with the Catholic and Jesuit mission of the “university that animated it,” several university leaders said in a statement.

Throughout his time at Marquette, Lovell left his mark on the university, transforming its strategic plan while remaining active as a classroom teacher.

“Throughout his presidency, he attended hundreds of campus events each year and continued to teach undergraduates in his Product Fulfillment class,” a Marquette University release said.

His legacy in Milwaukee extends far beyond Marquette University.

Prior to Marquette, President Lovell served as chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and, before that, dean of its engineering school.

A noted engineer, Lovell has held several academic and research leadership positions at universities across the country and has published more than 100 articles in leading engineering journals.

In addition to his leadership, his own research in the field has led to several technological breakthroughs.

According to Marquette, he holds seven patents, 14 provisional patents and has been officially inducted into the National Academy of Inventors.

A dedicated member of the Milwaukee community, President Lovell has served on numerous boards and executive committees, including the Regional Alliance for Higher Education, the Greater Milwaukee Committee, and the Big East Conference.

Even with all of his involvement in Milwaukee, his faith and his family remained an important part of his life.

Lovell leaves behind a wife, Amy Lovell, and four children.

Marquette University said support and resources are available to the campus community through Campus Ministry, the Faber Center, the Counseling Center and the Employee Assistance Program.

A prayer vigil on campus is planned and funeral arrangements will be shared with Marquette Today when available.

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