Kamala Harris Interrupts Anti-Israel Protester at Detroit Event: ‘I’m Speaking Right Now’: Watch

Kamala Harris trolled an anti-Israel protester who interrupted her at a Democratic fundraiser in Detroit on Saturday evening (June 8). A video of the incident is circulating on social media.

Kamala Harris interrupts anti-Israel protester at event in Detroit (PTI)

The vice president began her speech at the Michigan Democratic Party’s legacy dinner by addressing the war in Gaza, perhaps intending to diffuse any potential tension, but it actually had the opposite effect. Soon, cries of protest were heard from the audience. One woman was heard repeatedly shouting, “It’s genocide!” »

Harris then stopped before blasting the protester. “For the past eight months, President Biden and I have worked every day to end this conflict – I am speaking as we speak. I appreciate and respect your voice, but I’m speaking out right now,” she said. The woman was taken away by security forces.

However, Harris seemed to get the message and later said: “It’s time for this war to end.” The words seemed to calm the audience, allowing Harris to continue his remarks.

Similar recent incident with Kim Kardashian

Since the start of the Israel-Hamas crisis, several politicians and celebrities have had to face the anger of demonstrators during various demonstrations. A recent star who experienced a similar situation is Kim Kardashian, who confronted a pro-Palestinian protester while attending the OMR Business Festival in Hamburg, Germany on May 7. Kardashian was attending the event to talk about digital business and marketing.

A video that went viral at the time showed a shouting protester calling for Palestinian freedom. Kardashian is heard responding: “Free everyone.” The room had about 7,000 people and the protester had to be taken away.

Kardashian then said, “I sympathize with the people of Israel and with the people of Palestine. I sympathize with everyone. All we want is for everyone to feel safe and free.”

“Feel safe. And be good people and treat them with the same respect that you want to be treated. These are definitely scary times,” she added.

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