Alex Jones Assets To Be Sold To Help Pay Sandy Hook Lawsuit Debt

HOUSTON (AP) — A federal judge on Friday ordered the liquidation of Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist ‘ personal assets, but he was still ruling on his company’s separate bankruptcy filing, leaving the future of his Infowars media platform uncertain as he owed $1.5 billion for his false claims that THE Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary … Read more

Alex Jones seeks permission to convert personal bankruptcy into liquidation

Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist is asking the court for permission to convert its personal bankruptcy reorganization into liquidation, which would result in the sale of much of its assets to help pay some of the $1.5 billion it owes to victims’ relatives of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Jones and his media company, Free … Read more

Disney set to invest up to $17 billion in Florida parks now that fight against DeSantis appointees is over

ORLANDO, Florida. (AP) – Months after Disney and Gov. Ron DeSantis appointees agreed to end long legal proceedings In this fight, both sides are close to approving a deal that could see the company invest as much as $17 billion in its Florida resort and open the door to a fifth major theme park in … Read more