Why Trumpworld Said Biden Pooped Himself

The 2024 campaign reached a new level of absurdity on Thursday, but as one Trumpworld strategist put it: “This is how it’s going to be: 2016 on steroids.” » It all started with “S Printer Family”, a pseudonymous X account whose publications on President Joe Biden have been repeatedly denied by the AFP news agency. … Read more

Trump behind bars would be a ‘nightmare’ for him and his country

There’s no guarantee Donald Trump will end up behind bars, but with his felony conviction Thursday while still facing three separate indictments, the once-distant possibility of a former U.S. president being incarcerated is moving closer to reality . This prompted a common question: How would Trump be held in prison and what would his life … Read more

The physical toll the trial took on Trump

The effect that Donald Trump’s conviction will have on his candidacy for president is clear, but it has already taken a toll on his physical appearance. The former president appears visibly more tired and less confident after his grueling weeks-long criminal trial, experts told The Daily Beast. 2024 Donald Trump walks to speak to the … Read more