A plane carrying 5 people mysteriously disappeared in 1971. Experts claim to have found the wreckage in Lake Champlain.

Fifty-three years after a private plane carrying five men disappeared on a snowy Vermont night, experts believe they have found the wreckage of the long-lost plane in Lake Champlain. The business jet disappeared shortly after departing Burlington Airport for Providence, Rhode Island, on January 1. 27, 1971. Among those on board were two crew members … Read more

More than 40 years after children found dead baby near road, Vermont police find baby’s parents, close case

More than 40 years after Vermont children waiting for a school bus discovered a dead baby on the side of the road, state police say they have found the infant’s parents and no charges will be filed. The deceased infant was found in Northfield on April 1, 1982, state police said Wednesday. Investigators determined the … Read more