Late Night reacts to President Biden’s Mexican border closure

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President Biden issued a temporary order Tuesday to close the southern border to asylum seekers in an effort to prevent migrants from entering the country.

Daily Show host Ronny Chieng said the president “decided to start trying to win the election,” with border security being one of his “biggest weaknesses.”

“That’s why he tried to make a border deal with Republicans earlier this year. This is also the reason why the Republicans refused to make a deal with him. They say, “How can we blame you if you fix it, you idiot?” So now, with his poll numbers plummeting five months before Election Day, Biden is finally saying, “[Expletive] I’m going to do that myself. -RONNY DOG

“It’s a tough needle to thread, being an anti-immigration liberal: [imitating Biden] ‘So we will close the border, my friends, but the wall will be gluten-free and the barbed wire will be pro-choice. It’s not a border wall, it’s a “windsurfing” wall. -STEPHEN COLBERT

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