Biden Hunter trial: Jury resumes deliberations in federal gun case

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Jurors will resume deliberations Tuesday in the criminal case against President Joe Biden’s son for a gun that Hunter Biden purchased in 2018 when prosecutors said he was in the throes of a crack addiction. Jurors deliberated for less than an hour before leaving the Delaware federal courthouse Monday afternoon. They … Read more

Hunter Biden’s gun case goes to jury

Jurors have begun deliberations in the federal gun trial of Hunter Biden, the president’s son who has been charged with three felonies stemming from his purchase of a revolver in October. 2018. Hunter Biden’s lawyers did not call him to the stand after saying Friday that they were deciding whether they would call him to … Read more

Biden Hunter’s lawyers to announce today whether he will testify at gun trial

Hunter Biden’s lawyers said Friday they would announce Monday whether he will testify in his own defense. his trial with a gun enters its second week. Biden Hunter’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, told the judge Friday “we’re at this final decision” in the case, referring to whether to call the defendant. The defense has only called … Read more

Hunter Biden gun trial: Defense attempts to undermine prosecutors’ case

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — The criminal trial of President Joe Biden’s son enters home stretch Monday as defense attempts to narrow prosecutors’ case laying bare some of the darkest moments from Hunter Biden’s drug-fueled past. Hunter Biden’s lawyers could call at least one additional witness when the case moves to federal court in Delaware – … Read more

What to remember from Hunter Biden’s gun trial: Family, exes and more

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) – Photos of President Joe Biden’s son with drug paraphernalia and shirtless in a bubble bath. Text messages between Hunter Biden and drug traffickers. Testimony from Hunter’s exes about relationships destroyed by his drug use. Hunter Biden on gun trial brought by his father’s Justice Department exposed sordid and embarrassing details about … Read more

Hunter Biden Gun Trial: Prosecution Ends

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Federal prosecutors aimed to conclude their gun case against Hunter Biden Friday with two final witnesses in an effort to prove the president’s son lied on a mandatory gun purchase form when he said he was not an “illegal user or addict” of drugs . Prosecutors planned to call a drug … Read more