Shortage of public defenders in Maine allowed release of man who sparked violent standoff

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Maine’s lack of public defenders allowed a man with a violent criminal history to be released on bail three days before he went to his former girlfriend’s Auburn home, where a another man was killed before one an impasse lasting several hours With the police, gunfire was exchanged, two houses were … Read more

Much of the United States is bracing for extreme weather, from southern heat waves to possible snowfall in the Rockies.

After days of intense flooding In Florida, that state and many others are bracing for an intense heat wave, while the Pacific Northwest will see unusually cold weather and there is a chance of late season snow in the Rocky Mountains in Begining of the next week. The chaotic weather map includes the possibility of … Read more

Maine police kill gunman after night of shooting, burning homes, leaving man missing

AUBURN, Maine (AP) — A Maine State Police tactical team shot and killed a man on a rooftop early Saturday after an hours-long standoff during which authorities said he opened fire on police officers, two houses burned and one person who had fought with the remaining shooter. . Police issued a stay-at-home order, evacuated homes … Read more

New Jersey girl Lucy Morgan killed after piercing her skull with badminton racket

A New Jersey family’s vacation turned tragic when a shard from a badminton racket shattered and pierced their 6-year-old daughter’s skull, killing her. Little Lucy Morgan died Wednesday, four days after the shocking and freak accident during what was supposed to be an idyllic trip to a lake in Maine. The tragedy unfolded Saturday as … Read more

Monster truck cuts overhead power line, topples utility poles in spectator area

TOPSHAM, Maine (AP) — A lobster-themed monster truck performing in front of a crowd clipped an overhead power line, toppling several utility poles and sending two people to the hospital, police said. Others were slightly injured. Topsham Showgrounds was hosting the Monster Truck event on Saturday when a vehicle nicknamed Crushstation bounced off a ramp, … Read more