Much of the United States is bracing for extreme weather, from southern heat waves to possible snowfall in the Rockies.

After days of intense flooding In Florida, that state and many others are bracing for an intense heat wave, while the Pacific Northwest will see unusually cold weather and there is a chance of late season snow in the Rocky Mountains in Begining of the next week. The chaotic weather map includes the possibility of … Read more

The RNC launches a massive effort to monitor the vote. Critics say it threatens to undermine trust

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan. (AP) – The Republican National Committee launched a swing state initiative Friday to mobilize thousands of poll watchers, election workers and lawyers to serve as “election integrity” watchdogs in November — an effort that immediately sparked concerns that it could lead to harassment. election workers and undermine confidence in the vote. The … Read more

Wisconsin Warden, 8 Staff Charged After Inmate’s Death

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Guards at Wisconsin’s oldest maximum security prison failed to provide basic care to inmates who died on their watch, including one who died of dehydration and another who did not was found for at least 12 hours after he died of a stroke, Authorities announced charges Wednesday against the director and … Read more