Is Trump still in silence after his conviction in a secret trial?

NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump said he remains muzzled by a silence order following his conviction in his criminal trial on hush money charges. His lawyer said he believed the silence order was supposed to expire with the verdict and that he might seek clarification from the court. “I’m under a gag order, a … Read more

Quelle est la prochaine étape pour Donald Trump après sa condamnation pour silence

NEW YORK (AP) – Donald Trump reconnu coupable de 34 chefs d’accusation Cela marque la fin du procès historique de l’ancien président, mais la lutte autour de cette affaire est loin d’être terminée. Vient maintenant la détermination de la peine et la possibilité d’une peine de prison. Une longue procédure d’appel. Et pendant ce temps, … Read more

Trump’s silent trial: jury resumes deliberations

NEW YORK (AP) — The jury in Donald Trump’s case silence, money test is set to resume deliberations Thursday after asking to rehear potentially crucial testimony about the alleged hush money scheme at the heart of the historic case. The 12-person jury deliberated for about 4 1/2 hours Wednesday without reaching a verdict. What you … Read more

Trump’s silent trial: jury begins deliberations after marathon of closing arguments

NEW YORK (AP) — The jurors at Donald Trump silence, money test are expected to begin deliberations Wednesday after receiving instructions from the judge on the law and factors they might consider as they work to reach a verdict in the first criminal case against a former U.S. president. The deliberations follow a marathon day … Read more

Trump’s silent trial: prosecution and defense seek to score final points

NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump is “innocent” and did not break the law, a lawyer for the former president told jurors during closing arguments Tuesday. silence, money test moves closer to its conclusion. The proceedings, which are expected to last all day, will give the lawyers one last chance to address the Manhattan jury … Read more